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Private Coaching

If you are in need of a clear direction to take, and have limited time, let’s talk.

Need a laser-focus meeting with Donna, to understand where you're at on your health journey, and what options are out there to help you navigate your way through both Western and Eastern approaches? First, you 'll receive a free 50-minute overview of your current health status, then you'll have a comprehensive 1.5 hour consult with Donna via phone or Skype.  Followed up with resources and diet recommendations to take away and use as a guide on your next step on your health journey. 






Monthly package working with Donna


Details: 50-minute meeting twice a month via phone or Skype. Follow up emails, plan of action, referral sources, and diet recommendations, along with action plan and support, to help you stay focused on your health journey. 



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Sign up for a 6-month long-lasting, sustainable package working with Donna -  
This is the most comprehensive package, as you'll dive deep into your health struggle, take time to work with Donna on a more intimate level, including 50-minute phone or Skype meetings twice a month, follow-up emails, referral recommendations, and diet recommendations, and clear, concise action plan to help you stay focused on your health journey. You will arm yourself with the knowledge to take back control of your health. Also includes touching base regularly on Voxer when issues arise when you’re out and about. I’m available to answer your questions on-demand.


($100 savings) 

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