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Finding My Way

Notes of Inspiration

Donna Markussen, Holistic Health Coach, first shared her life with readers in her powerful personal memoir, Finding My Way: Facing My Journey with Courage. She is now publishing a volume that distills the main themes and goals of her work into a simple, easy-to-read format. Finding My Way: Notes of Inspiration serves as both a companion to and extension of Markussen’s previous work.


This series of insightful thoughts and quotations is the perfect way to reflect on your personal and spiritual growth. Markussen’s gentle words of encouragement turn the dialogue around from her own inspirational journey to your bright future.


Markussen covers many different topics, from physical health to spiritual well-being. She also shows the important connections between these different aspects of your life. A healthier body leads to a more positive outlook. Changes in your personal life can leave you feeling physically better. Even sudden events like sickness or other surprises can be a way to learn and grow.


Take a moment out of your day, sit down, and engage with Markussen’s advice. Her small lessons are the perfect encouragement to contemplate your own life and the changes you would like to make.

Donna shares her lessons and encouragement in her book Finding My Way ~ Notes of Inspiration.



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Notes of Inspiration

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