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Everything we do today will affect how we age tomorrow. Cancer hits most people later in life. You can win the war on cancer, by making a paradigm shift away from managing your illness to re-education on how to manage your health. Most people will be surprised to know that only about 10% of cancer is due to genetics. The rest is brought on by lifestyle, environmental toxins, chronic stress and negative emotions. The Standard American Diet (SAD) has excess amounts of sugar, conventional animal products, processed foods loaded with artificial chemicals, dyes, and man-made additives, flavors and preservatives as well as genetically modified foods. 


In this live workshop, Donna will be discussing her latest Amazon Bestselling book: Take Command of Your Total Health, A Woman’s Guide to Fearless Aging.


The strategies Donna will be discussing in this workshop include: 


  • Diet and lifestyle changes to beat cancer and disease

  • Addressing our mental, emotional, and spiritual healing for optimal health and wellness

  • Integrative therapies for healing

  • Functional nutrition and medicine 


Donna will be doing a smoothie demonstration to show you how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet.


If you’re a woman who has been yearning to push the reset button and make YOU a bigger priority TODAY, this workshop is for you!


$79 Registration fee includes a signed copy of Take Command of Your Total Health, A Woman’s Guide to Fearless Aging.

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