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Natural Ways to Treat Bone Loss and Osteoporosis

I have been dealing with an osteoporosis diagnosis for over 12 years. As a 56-year-old post-menopausal woman, one would believe that the older we get, the worse our bones become, which sets us up for a chance of getting bone fractures or worse, broken bones. But, what if we knew that eating the right foods, eliminating damaging foods and exercising on a regular basis, including weight-bearing exercise, would help us to build a strong protectant body while also building new bone? Exercise, movement, including yoga, Pilates, and strength training, can stop bone loss while building muscle and bones.

This winter, I was out with my dog, Willy, on a blistering cold day. I made the executive decision to run back to our condo; it was crazy cold. Willy was happy running on his leash in front of me. But when he suddenly came to a screeching halt, in front of me, I had no time to prepare. I went airborne over him and soon realized I was headed face first onto the pavement. I then crouched down and engaged my core, and broke my fall as both knees landed on the pavement first, followed by the crash of both hands. This scenario could have been a lot worse. Instead of landing face-first, my instinct told me to enable my core strength to break my fall. Even though I landed on both knees, and I was in excruciating pain afterward, I managed to walk away with only scrapes and bruises. This made me realize how grateful I was for my consistent yoga, Pilates, weight bearing and burst training practice. That was the reason why I could get up and walk away without a fracture or broken bones.

In my first book, Finding My Way, Facing My Journey with Courage, I talk about a devastating response I had when placed on the medication, Fosamax, prescribed for osteoporosis treatment. I was told that my chemotherapy treatments were the reason for my bone loss. What I wasn’t prepared for was that medication caused a detrimental immune response in my body that nearly brought me to my knees. After taking that medication, my whole body was inflamed, and I experienced sudden excruciating joint pain. Since then I was determined to treat my bones and my body holistically, without the use of drugs.

When you stop taking care of your body, your body stops taking care of you.

Osteoporosis happens when small holes or weakened areas are formed in the bone that can lead to fractures, pain and a Dowager’s hump. It is more common in menopausal women over 50. Often, you don’t even know you have it until a fracture occurs.

There are many reasons for getting osteoporosis, but the ones I talk about below may be the most important, because this is where we have total control. Arming yourself with this knowledge may help you eliminate the need to go on osteoporosis medication.

  • Inactivity (sedentary lifestyle) - If we don’t build muscle, exercise, move every day, our body breaks down, we lose the flexibility, balance and endurance we once had. That doesn’t have to be the case, regardless of our age. Just ask a 60 or 70-year-old who practices yoga. She trains her balance, core strength and muscles to protect her when she needs them most.

  • Eating an alkalizing diet – Acid-forming foods including high amounts of conventional animal protein, processed foods, sugar, flour, industrial seed oils (canola), contribute to bone loss. When eating animal protein, stick with grass-fed beef, hormone and antibiotic-free chicken, turkey or pork, and wild-caught fish. Do not eat meat alone, as it is highly acidic. However, if you eat meat in a combination with an alkaline food such fresh fruits and vegetables, you’re PH will stay in a healthy balance. Vitamin D – Found in Cod liver oil, sardines, salmon, raw milk, raw cheese, eggs, mushrooms, and natural sunlight. Vitamin D foods help the absorption of calcium. So it is critical to get this vitamin from your foods, and if not take a Vitamin D supplement along with Vitamin K to help with calcium absorption.

  • Omega 3’s – Omega 3 Fish Oil helps reduce inflammation. If you’re not eating wild-caught fish like salmon, supplements ensure you’re getting you’re Omega 3’s.

  • Nutritional deficiencies (Diet in processed foods, sugar, flour, etc.) Add more whole foods into your diet that includes a rainbow of colors of vegetables and fruits, and crowd out the processed, sugary foods that have no nutritional value at all. Fruits and vegetables help restore alkalinity in the body.

  • Limit alcohol, sugary drinks, caffeine, high sodium foods. These foods may be hurting your bones. They leach calcium from your bones. Yet another reason to make sure you are getting enough of the items listed above along with supplementation.

Your body is capable of building and strengthening bone on its own. If you’re concerned about your risks of excessive bone loss, the natural nutritional and lifestyle changes I shared in this post can be powerful protectors to your bones as well as your health.

Are you wanting more energy to do the things you want? Confused about which diet you should follow? Want to take back control of your health? Let's talk! This is a passion of mine, and I have gone through a lot, from cancer, to auto-immune disease, chronic neck, shoulder and back pain, and anxiety. Today, I am off all medications and am living a healthy, happy life. It is my passion to help you achieve health. Don't wait for the right time it will never show up. Now is the time! Email me directly at to get your complimentary 50 minute consultation.

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