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20 Reasons To Find Health and Lose Disease

Here are my top 20 reasons why I believe you can maintain health when you have the knowledge to choose your foods wisely and practice self-care.

Knowledge + Intention = Empowerment.

  1. You can take time for yourself and take charge of your wellness.

  2. You can get to the root cause of your health issue by using a Functional Medicine approach.

  3. You can find health at your local grocery store, farmer’s market and local, sustainable farms.

  4. You can learn how to make smoothies to help build a healthy immune system.

  5. You can rely on your inner doctor to call out when a certain health protocol, given by your current physician, is not working.

  6. You can build strong bones and pain-free joints by knowing which foods to eat to help you maintain healthy bones.

  7. You can have less colds and viruses when you eat foods that will nourish your body, not deplete your body.

  8. You can have a healthy glow when you eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, and eliminate fake, processed foods.

  9. You can improve your energy levels, through a healthy diet and practicing self-care.

  10. You can realize that the cheap food product substitutes will offer chronic disease on a silver platter.

  11. You can have the confidence to ignore the latest fad diet, and know the foods that are good, and those foods that promote ill health.

  12. You can have a healthy pH, which promotes health. Knowing which foods are acidic and which foods are alkaline is easy, and as simple has referring to my “10 Natural Ways to Treat Healthy Bones” Report on my website

  13. You can get off the dieting roller coaster when you remove simple (bad or refined) carbohydrates in the form of pasta, bread, pastry, white sugar, white flour, white bread, some whole wheat breads, muffins ,crackers, chips, sweetened soft drinks, fruit juices etc.

  14. You can beat cancer in its tracks! You can quit your sugar addition, and you must! Excess sugar causes inflammation and inflammation feeds cancer cells. Consider this: Cancer cells love glucose and have up to 19 times more glucose receptors than normal cells.

  15. You can learn what’s in a healthy plate, protein, vegetables, whole grain/starch (brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, squash), healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed ghee). I have a “Healthy Plate” document under my “Resources” page on my website:

  16. You can control your sugar cravings by sipping on herbal tea, a few pieces of dark chocolate (75% or higher) a bowl of berries, almond milk with vanilla, stevia and cocoa, eat a snack high in protein (nuts and seeds).

  17. You can do an elimination diet to see which foods are causing you discomfort. I have a report on my website under “Resources” you can download titled: How To Do An Elimination Diet. Or, get a IgG food sensitivity test from your doctor.

  18. You can go gluten and dairy free. Theses two food groups cause the most inflammation and side effects including anemia, osteoporosis, skin rash, joint pain, irritability, nasal congestion, sinus infections, bloating, and gas.

  19. You can know how to shop organic vs. conventional. Refer to EWG’s Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 List. I have one on my “Resources” page.

  20. You can buy organic meats. There are a few online

sources are and Avoid conventional meats. Buy local, organic, grass-fed, and antibiotic, hormone free chicken, turkey and pork, and wild-caught fish. Grass fed beef is lower in overall saturated fats, higher in omega-3, up to 4 times as much Vitamin E, higher in CLA- a nutrient associated with lowering cancer risk. Conventional meat are grain fed and are fattier, with more calories. Grass fed cattle is free roaming, live outside, grazing on grass or hay, while Grain Fed are fattened with grain which is hard to digest, treated with hormones, antibiotics and additives to speed their growth. Many conventional chicken ranchers feed their poultry arsenic! This is another reason to buy organic.

Remember, you are what you eat – ATE!

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