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Re-Route Your Anti-Aging Mindset

What are your thoughts on aging? Do you feel good about your future? Are you really taking care of yourself? Are you exercising on a regular basis to have a strong body as you age? In addition, are you setting clear boundaries in order to take care of yourself? Most of us, moving into our 50’s 60’s and beyond have more of a handle on how we want to live out our third phase of our life, as we’ve lived and learned from the past mistakes we made along the way. However, what if you’re still stuck in the over-committed, frantic schedule, or less than ideal work life, and you do not take the time to eat a healthy diet?

You can’t seem to find the time to take care and do the things that will feed your soul and body, instead, you’re letting life lead you, and deep down, you know there has to be a better way.

One of my favorite quotes from the late Wayne Dyer is:

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Surround Yourself With People Who Live With Intention

I am grateful for the many wonderful people I surround myself with on a daily basis. These sacred connections infuse my life with love, compassion, laughter, and substance. I’m passionate about maintaining health, rather than dis-ease as I age, to live life according to my rules, not what society is telling me to do. Those sacred connections I have made help me live life the same way, so it’s easy to share, connect and explore together.

Everywhere you look, you see commercials on anti-aging. Think about that message. Anti-Aging means to prevent the appearance of aging. I’m not sure about you, but I have never known of anyone who has been successful at halting the aging process, have you? I believe that the only antidote to ageing is death. Even so, there are billions of marketing dollars promoting anti-aging products for women and men, and many of them are eager to purchase anything that will help slow down their biological clocks. While I’m all for the nourishing and hydrating creams that help us keep a youthful glow, sometimes we’re missing the bigger picture of what ages us.

Live With Intention to Age Gracefully

Age is a number, but aging is definitely your choice. And, the things you do every day will determine how fast you age. Just go to any power yoga class, and you can find women and men into their 60’s and 70’s participating in yoga poses, standing in their power, and feeling strong. Those are the people I look up to and realize they don’t let society influence them. They understand they are responsible for taking care of their bodies, and no anti-aging cream, fad diet, or miracle drug is going to cultivate their self-worth and self-esteem while aging the way they do on a daily basis by intentionally nurturing their body, mind, and soul.

Who’s Handling Your Remote?

When we change the way we look at things, we can re-route our old thinking patterns towards a more intentional way of living. Think of what a TV remote control does. You pick it up, and you change the channels to search for a program you want to watch. You’re in control; the TV won’t change channels on its own. In a sense, when you’re not intentionally taking care of yourself, feeding your body with nutrient dense foods, and exercising to stay strong, you’re giving away your remote to circumstances that will dictate how you move through your life. You’re not in control, the situation at hand is pushing the buttons to your remote.

Managing Your Health and Your Mental Well-Being Is Your Job

We all truly desire health, happiness, and sacred time with our loved ones and friends. This outlook helps us build a solid foundation; we live with intention. The side effect of living this way is inner peace. You must understand that managing your health and your mental well-being is your job, and your daily job description is not to allow negative outside circumstances in that don’t serve you.

When we don’t address those things in our life that are not working, that promotes chronic feelings of anger and resentment. These toxic emotions will change the way your genes get expressed. These toxic emotions accelerate the aging process. Mainstream medicine does not address this, and instead, they'll offer you something to help with your anxiety and emotions with medication. These toxic feelings can cause a lifelong, bitter battle with yourself and increase your stress levels, which causes your immune system to suffer. Ask yourself, who has the remote to my life? Is it you, or the circumstance, or a perpetrator whom you feel has wronged you?

You will be so empowered when you decide to be the driver instead of the passenger of your life. The more you practice self-awareness and understand when a situation outside of your control is not serving you; the easier you can walk away. That allows you to do the things that bring you joy, instead of just wallowing in those negative feelings of resentment, anger, and despair.

When you take care of yourself this way, you no longer give your remote away to others, you slow down the aging process, and your self-confidence soars.

To Your Health And Happiness!


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