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2021 A Time For New Beginnings

As we enter into 2021, I see this is a time for a lot of us to recalibrate our past actions. I am sharing my personal recalibration, and hope it will inspire you to embrace change, and challenges to make better decisions for yourself.

Most of us are entering 2021 with a sigh of relief and believe things are going to get better. It is my hope that we all find peace and comfort this year. 2020 was a year of major change for me, both professionally and personally. I believe I’m not alone. I have had several conversations with people who have shifted their business, personal lives, and relationships for the better.

Because of COVID-19, we see the world around us in a new way. Having gone through COVID personally, it showed me how precious life can be. While I do realize the importance of staying healthy both emotionally and physically, sometimes things happen beyond our control. Now as we enter 2021, I believe this is not a time to think small, but to expand and explore new beginnings. Another way of looking at is to think outside of our comfort zone, or as they say, “think outside of the box.” There may be an idea or project you’ve been contemplating and now is the time to take action. When we take the time to nurture our dreams and desires, major changes happen in our lives. And change brings forth new beginnings. One lesson that I learned from 2020 was the importance of quiet time, and removing all the busyness, including to-do lists, Zoom calls, and obligations from my schedule. I learned the true health benefits of quiet time. I started to ask myself… “Where am I going with this?” and, “What does my soul need right now?”

One of the most empowering things we can do is to step off the path and check out the landscape ahead. Some of us may realize that we were not happy but remain stagnant because we’re just doing what we’ve always done before. 2021 is going to show us that there will be more joy and abundance in our lives when we invite it in. This is when we start to take inspired action, which will help us align with people, places and things, that serve our true desires. We then grab the reigns of life on our own terms. We realize we don’t have to live to please and appease others, we live according to our own rules. It's a journey, not a race

Even if you can’t see what’s around the corner right now, you can move slowly and purposefully. This helps us gain a new perspective, that doesn't happen when we’re too busy moving so fast. This is when we tune into our intuition. There’s a time to end and a time to begin. The close of one cycle and the beginning of another. And now we must face our fears of the unknown to find a better path. I write about this today because when we choose JOY as our compass, that is our ticket to health, happiness, and freedom. I was very stagnant in my life for quite some time, but didn’t face it because…well… I was doing what I thought I should, and what I always did before. Even when my intuition would kick in and tell me I wasn’t happy. I didn’t listen. I wasn’t being challenged, and I ignored my feelings. Today, I boldly face that unknown place and look at it with excitement, not fear. In addition to all the changes in 2020, my husband and I moved to another state. Along with that, came purging of clothes, etc. I had so many nice things that I wasn’t going to use anymore. Some I donated, some I thought about resale or consignment. That's when I decided to open a Poshmark (online clothing resale and retail store) account. I've been selling off my clothes and having fun doing so. So much so, that I became a POSH Ambassador, and opened up my own Boutique. I’m buying wholesale inventory in women’s clothing, jewelry, and accessories, and selling retail. I’m learning something new, and having fun. My life has taken a new direction, and I realize that it’s okay. Joy is my compass and I’m reaping the benefits of being in alignment with my soul. I have taken a step back from my health coaching business, as I find my attention is being pulled in this new direction. How do I know this is the right direction for me? I’m happy, joyful, and challenged. I’m learning something new. This is why I wanted to remind you to not let boredom take over your life. Challenge is a huge gift you can give yourself. Start living, instead of slowly dying. Having a growth mindset will set you free. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead, and stay safe, healthy, and happy!

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Donna Markussen