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My Transcendental Meditation Experience

Today's environment is causing so much pain and suffering. I wanted to share my personal experience using meditation, and how it helped me cope with many issues that would otherwise bring me down.

This type of meditation practice, in which I have put off for a very long time, is Transcendental Meditation. I finally decided it was time to take the course! What I learned by practicing TM, is that so much of our anxiety is brought on by our thoughts and the busyness of our minds. When I started doing my meditations (20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes in the afternoon) I saw that in many cases my old self would react to situations negatively, or I would get all caught up in judgment. But with my new practice, I would just be present, yet not let my thoughts wander or place judgment on myself or others. This was a huge revelation for me. I also gained more clarity of certain situations, and realized what I thought was so important, I would just let it go, release and move on. This type of practice brings on inner peace. My only regret is that I wish I didn't wait 60 years to figure it out!

I bring this up because I am seeing so many people ridden with anxiety, and with today's environment, it's hard not to feel stressed. And stress is the number one reason people land in the doctor's office.

For me, anxiety brings on a host of symptoms. My digestion always takes a huge hit, and I’m dealing with stomach issues, hot flashes, and skin rashes. For you, it could mean high blood pressure, auto-immune issues, low energy, fatigue, backache, etc.

“When a symptom shows up, listen to it, play detective, and ask yourself, “What am I not paying attention to, that is causing me to feel this way?”

Sometimes, we get caught up in placing our attention on all the wrong things, or that shouldn’t be happening, yet in reality, they are happening. Those thoughts serve our ego, but they do not serve our mental health.

So Let’s Rethink Anxiety, Let’s Look At The Bigger Picture

If we don’t address our anxiety, our body will hand us symptoms. One of my least favorite symptoms that showed up for me a few years ago was chronic insomnia. My anxiety was in overdrive, and I wasn’t addressing why I was not sleeping. I ignored my symptoms until I could no longer do so. Sleep is what helps us rest and restore our body to homeostasis. Sleep is the number one thing we need to maintain health and we need to set it as a priority to feel our best. I’m grateful that I addressed my severe bout of insomnia when I did and got my sleep (and my mind) back in balance. It required me to seek help from a functional medicine practitioner. When it comes to our health, we need to remember that it is our job to do whatever is necessary to get to the root of our health issue.

Don’t Negate Quiet Time

When we feel stressed, that’s a clear indication that we’re in overdrive, overcommitted, and not paying attention to our emotional well-being. Clear out the noise and the clutter robbing you of your joy. You’ll see things differently and begin to appreciate all that you have as well.

Taking this time now is important for me, and I hope you take the time if you feel you need to do the same. Moving forward, I will be focusing more on mental health, as I see a huge void in that area. Reaching out today is to check in, and remind you that you deserve peace and mental wellbeing. I would love to hear from you so feel free to reach out to me anytime.

If you would like to learn more about TM, click here: Transcendental Meditation

God bless, and be well

Donna Markussen, Empowerment Health Coach


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