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Corporate Programs & Community Workshops

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is contributing to chronic disease to such a degree that it is now considered inevitable. We’re not addressing the reality of a SAD diet which consists of 2000 calories a day of grain-based desserts, bread, sugary beverages, processed foods, hydrogenated oils, and poor-quality meats, all leading to a pro-inflammatory, low nutrient, high-calorie disaster. Eating this way plants the seeds of disease and it is time for our nutrition knowledge to be brought into this century!


Knowing that “Food is Medicine” we can focus on reversing and preventing chronic disease, rather than just managing it.


A typical workshop is one hour in length and is available for presentation at multiple times to allow for the varying schedules of your employees.


Available workshop topics:

  • Sugar Addiction, Understanding Our Relationship With Sugar

  • The Top Seven Foods That Play a Major Role in Chronic Disease

  • The Physical Impact of Stress And Negative Emotions

  • Food and Cancer -  Nourish Every Cell To Stay Well

  • Type 2 Diabetes –Learn Ways to Improve and Sometimes Reverse Symptoms Altogether

  • 5-Day Detox For Beginners (Perfect For The Work Week!)


Educating your employees about healthy food and lifestyle choices will increase employee engagement, while dramatically improving their health, therefore reducing time off for illness. They will learn how to make long-lasting lifestyle choices and the importance of exercise and movement, and how they play a key role in overall health. All of this increases productivity for your company as healthy employees makes for a profitable business!


Benefits To Your Employees Include:

  • Improved overall health

  • Understands the importance of whole foods nutrition for optimal energy and health

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Reduce food cravings (especially the ones we need to avoid)

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Increased daily production and satisfaction

  • Less sick days



Wellness workshop pricing is available upon request. Call Donna Markussen for more information at 781-354-4075 or write me at  


Contact me; I would love to chat with you about how my program can help you and your valued employees!

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