Celebrate Your Mid-Life Emergence! 

To all the women who want to reclaim their life! 

    Our bodies are shifting, and we’re experiencing hormonal symptoms such as weight gain, low energy, memory issues, hot flashes, or we may have a serious health challenge. All the while, our children have moved on, and we feel our life’s purpose has faded into thin air. Now is the time we need to dig deeply to nurture and honor our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

    As caregivers, we have always put ourselves last, but not anymore. Wherever you are on your health journey, I want to help you build that bridge between you and a new way of approaching your health and your life. As a mentor and teacher, I would love nothing more than to see you find the confidence to follow your heart, listen to your intuition, and trust that you have it within you to find a better way if what you’re currently doing is not serving your well-being. We all want to feel and look sexy, confident, and strong, regardless of what our age is on paper. My goal is to help you become bold enough to step out of that limiting story to create a new one that enables you to thrive in the next phase of your life!

    Growing older takes on a whole new meaning when we approach it knowing we are in control. We have put in our time and have learned many life lessons. It's time to stand in our power and reject our culture's negative messages about growing older, and instead, make a conscious effort to live life into our sixties, seventies and beyond with health and wellness, not dis-ease and despair.

Here's to the great health you have the power to create! 

Don’t Fear Aging!

In Take Command of Your Total Health, you’ll discover that only about 10 percent of your ill-health is determined by genetics.


Donna Markussen helps you shape the other 90 percent through whole foods nutrition, positive lifestyle interventions, and self-care secrets that empower you to:


  • Heal from past traumas to establish a deeper connection with self

  • Find your inner doctor using your intuition when dealing with health issues

  • Use functional medicine to uncover the root cause of your health challenges

  • Live with clear intention and eliminate negative people and influences from your life


Make YOU Your Top Priority with No Apologies


Whether it’s by nature or nurture, women tend to put caring for others ahead of their own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.


However, Take Command of Your Total Health provides you with the blueprint and the permission slip you need to embark on a refreshing new beginning in how you experience your life as a woman.


Without apology, you’ll feel energized and free to make your health, wellbeing, and fulfillment your overriding priority!

Hit it out of the park...

Once again, Donna has hit it out of the park! Easy read, it flows from one chapter to another. It is real, honest, and straightforward. Although geared toward fifty-plus women, the info provided is  relevant to all ages.
Tons of gold nuggets.


— Fran Goldstein 



The Guidance You Need

Green Goodness
Bowl of Grains


Listening to Your Inner Wisdom


Making You a Priority

On the Scales

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Achieve Your Goals
Donna Markussen

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