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Addressing our fear of success

As I continue with my health coach training with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I am doing things that take me out of my comfort zone. As I move forward, I make a mental note to not get in the habit and fill in the blanks, of all the things that could go wrong, using fear, as my guide.

Part of our curriculum, is addressing our fear of success. This affirmation was presented by Katheryn Coullautt, PhD, and I have placed it in my wheelhouse of positive thoughts, to choose when I begin to feel self-doubt creeping in.

“I’m committed to a life worth living, to creating new things, and to becoming all I have yet to become. I understand that mistakes, setbacks, and failures, are part of my journey. As such I am committed to dealing and learning to deal, in a way that is healthy, productive, and conducive to picking myself up, and dusting myself off, and moving forward in my life. I will not take them primarily as signs that I should stop or that I am a loser – I will first take them as a sign that I am endeavoring to be something different, something more, than I was yesterday. This is a good thing.”

If we intend to see failure, as a signal, that success is further down the road, instead of a stop sign, we can continue on our path. If we are open to taking a good look at our failures, and learning from them, we can change course with confidence, knowing we are getting closer to our goal.

When we begin to get a taste of success, we’ll know it. Success feels like power, and power is freedom. We embody our power, in whatever way fills our heart and soul the most. We’ll feel passionate about our life, and that’s when we attract people and circumstances to support our vision.

Getting clear on our vision helps us stay on track. Ask yourself “What does success look, feel and taste like to me? And, what is getting in the way of me achieving my success? Am I using fear as my guide or can I find the courage to move forward after I fail?” Knowing if we fail more, that just means our goal may be further down the road.”

Understanding this concept removes self-judgment, and reframes our failures as part of the process towards reaching success.

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