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A dog's purpose

There is no such thing as an insignificant simple act of kindness and compassion. Even the smallest gesture, will illuminate someone’s life. Every time we give service to another person in need, it gives us ten times more joy in our own life.

I have experienced this simple concept with my dog Willy. He is a registered therapy dog, and has been a huge teacher in my life. When I pull out his therapy harness, he knows he’s going to work, tail wagging with glee. Animals have a keen sense of self-awareness, and they inherently know what their purpose in life is. They take pride in sharing their love and compassion with everyone they meet. Simple things we pass every day, that we ignore, are the most joyful things to an animal.

When I take Willy to a person’s home, he instinctively knows what to do. He will warm up to that person with ease, and knows his job is to offer healing energy to the person who is suffering. He has been to hospice, nursing homes, and residential homes, of people who have no means of coming and going as they please.

I am grateful to have a dog that can share his healing powers with the world. Everything we do matters, including sharing our hearts with others in a meaningful way. I have learned a lot through this experience, and have had some profound meaningful conversations with the patients Willy serves. I believe this act of service, is not just singular. I believe every action we take, causes a ripple effect in the world. By choosing love and compassion, instead of fear and hatred, we are making a difference.

I have found my sessions with Willy, to be the most profound experience in my life, as we both light up someone’s life. Willy has helped me step into this magical place on earth, and for that I am grateful.

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