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Sharing my leap of faith story

Summertime is a great time to unwind, relax, enjoy the warm weather, while spending quality time with family, friends and colleagues. For me, I love sitting at my lake house, boating with my husband Steve and friends, and enjoying the beauty of nature. It’s the best place for me to quiet my mind, to allow my creative energy to flow.

My latest project, I’m sitting back contemplating the purpose and direction of my health coaching business. This conjures up a lot of different scenarios. I could focus on all that could go wrong, and how I won’t be able to help a single person, also known as "sinking in the self-doubt pool of shit." But because I have had times where I have proven that mindset a complete waste of time and energy, I acknowledge my feelings, and choose to have faith. Having faith that my intuition is guiding me towards the right path. I realize that I have the "courage" to believe in the not yet seen.

As Jen Sincero writes in her best-selling book "You are a Badass," “Faith is your best buddy when you’re scared shitless.” She writes “If you want to be a real rock star in the manifestation department, get to the point where you have both unwavering faith and unwavering gratitude for that which you desire. This is when the real magic happens because mixing faith with gratitude is the High Holy Moly of Manifesting.” Jen, you are a Rockstar!

As I’m putting together workshop notes and an outline of the points I want to drive home, I feel a sense of gratitude for my health challenges, including cancer, auto-immune disease, chronic stress, back pain, neck pain, fatigue and insomnia. For without those experiences, I would not have the passion and vigor to emulate to others the importance of not becoming a victim to a disease.

I am also grateful to have the opportunity to work with the late Dr. James D’Adamo, who is considered the “grandfather” of Naturopathic medicine. While I was being treated by Dr. D’Adamo, at his clinic in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I learned how inflammation in the body causes disease. I learned that “food is medicine” and to pay close attention to my eating habits and lifestyle choices.

So, as I’m putting together programs for this Fall, it is my hope to educate others on the importance of getting to the root cause of illness, instead of just treating the symptom. To have an attitude of gratitude for everything that shows up in life, and to embrace our soul’s purpose, find balance, and embrace life with energy and enthusiasm.

I hope you find the courage to take a leap of faith in your life, and see the many benefits it has to offer.

PS: Finding My Way Facing my Journey with Courage, is now available on Amazon. Amazon loves reviews too! If you have read it, please take a moment to post a short review, it will help a lot with my book’s rankings. Thank you!

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