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Looking For Health Warriors!

It's that time of year again, New Year's resolutions! Unfortunately, they tend to be short-lived without a proper support system in place. As a Health and Wellness Advocate, my mission is to empower those who are sick and tired of feeling bad, who want to take back control of their health, but are too overwhelmed to do so.

Whether your goal is to get off all medications, improve/reverse symptoms and disease, get into a consistent exercise routine or simply lose some weight, know there is a way out of the madness!

I am going to share with you what it took me years of trial and error and suffering to accomplish in my new Free Facebook group, Create Health, Lose Weight, Feel Great! Some of you may already know by reading my story, Finding My Way, Facing My Journey With Courage that I have conquered breast cancer, autoimmune disease, debilitating neck, shoulder and back pain, chronic fatigue, depression and years of not setting healthy boundaries. Ten years ago, I would never have believed that my future health would include being 100% symptom-free and off all medications. This experience taught me that I am never going to be a victim of a doctor’s diagnosis again. I have total confidence in my ability to work through a challenge and question whether Western doctors are telling me enough. Through my quest for health, I made the necessary lifestyle changes to include extreme self-care, whole foods nutrition, and being mindful of who I was allowing to overstep my boundaries, and put a stop to the negativity that had control of my life! This taught me the freedom I experienced when I learned to say "No," without the guilt. Think of it this way, “Who is going to take care of your needs if you don’t?”

As a community, we can work on this together and have fun! Sign up for my new Facebook group here. Just enter your email, and I'll add you to the group. If you don't want to be part of the Facebook group or if you're not on Facebook and want more information, let's chat. Send me a direct email at

We can work together many ways. I am available for private coaching sessions via phone or Skype, which can easily take place during your lunch hour. Or, I can even conduct group sessions at your place of work.

Our sessions together will include follow up reference materials, menu ideas and actionable steps to move you closer to health as we work on a changed perspective, empowering you to get to the root of why you keep self-sabotaging your health efforts. Explore my methods and see if this is a good option for you by taking advantage of my free complimentary 50-minute session. Together, we will explore areas of your life where you may need support. After your complementary session, it’s entirely up to you if you want to proceed. If not, no worries, I am glad to share whatever I can that can help you get started on your healing journey.

Either way, I’m thrilled you’re keeping in touch with me, and can’t wait to share more exciting health news down the line!

With love and appreciation,


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