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Reflecting on 2018 Happy Holidays!

Can you believe we’re winding down 2018, with only six days until Christmas and 13 days before 2019 arrives!

I wanted to thank all of you for being part of the Finding Your Health community, for staying in touch with me, whether that was listening to my live videos, taking my 5-Day Detox Program, attending HEAL Documentary screenings or the other workshops with me, as well as my guest health practitioners throughout the year. As I set out to do this work, my goal was to reach as many people as possible to help educate, inform and inspire you to live life with energy and enthusiasm, all the while building a community of like-minded individuals who come together and support one-another.

I have been taking some personal quiet time these past few months, so I can REST, RELAX, RENEW, and RESTORE my soul for my new year ahead. I recommend it to all of you.

Before I gear up for 2019, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this past year, and acknowledge what an amazing year 2018 has been for me. First, I’m grateful for all the quality connections I have made along the way. Whether you attended or participated in one of my events, participated in my 5-Day Detox Program, or are a coaching client, thank you!

As I sit here and contemplate the upcoming year, I’m excited to be bringing even more education and support to those who are seeking a better quality life. I hope to bring new, fun ways to explore not only our health, but also our authentic souls together! This will be via live group coaching programs online and in person.

Thinking back on the impact our projects had on the lives of others this past year, I realize that those moments of changing our old thinking patterns towards a more empowered way of living is what transforms our lives!

One of the most profound projects I was involved in this year was the HEAL Documentary screenings. This project is near and dear to my heart, and I felt compelled to bring this movie’s message out for those who need validation, and to have their voices heard. We are all suffering from old wounds, and when we hide from our emotions, it tears away at our health. Each time I held a screening of this movie, I experienced an electrical current of emotions moving through my body and connecting with each person’s energy in the room. I realized that we are all the same; we just have a different dialog. But, for us all to be set free, we must heal from our past. This project changed people’s lives, for this, I am most grateful.

I am also thankful that my next project, Age Is a Number; Aging is a Choice workshop brought many people together to gain a broader perspective on aging. As I was writing chapters for my new book Aging in Health Not In Dis-Ease, I felt inspired to bring this information to life, to educate and inform you that we have the ability to age in health if we arm ourselves with the right information. I made so many wonderful connections that night and I was grateful to have a group of like-minded women coming together to debunk the myth that aging equals disease.

Additionally, I became a part of Scott Stolze’s Create Your Great Group Coaching Program. Scott’s program is where I focused on making new connections in 2018. Each week Scott presented valuable information and insight shared by himself along with guest participants, who shared their expertise with the group. A great coach will encourage and inspire you to get out of your comfort zone to do great things. That program served as a springboard for my forward momentum in my business. I joined this group knowing I was not going to sit back and wait for things to happen. I chose action over fear, and gained more self-confidence along the way. I appreciate the leadership that Scott brought to me as well as the others in the group; and the many like-minded people with whom I connected.

In addition to making my plans for more workshops and public speaking venues for 2019, I joined The Speaker Sisterhood, and will be hosting my own personal group next year. This organization teaches and supports you to become a better presenter at work, a better facilitator in meetings, or just improve your public speaking skills overall. The goal of the club is to provide women with a safe space to cultivate their voice, share their truth, and build the confidence to speak. Stay tuned for my North Shore group coming in 2019!

One last project I want to mention is I wanted to gather women together in a meetup to share valuable information on health, spirituality, mind-body practices to support one another. Many members showed up at past events in 2018, and this year I hope to see even more of you! As an organizer of Women Who Want To Upgrade Their Life Meetup, I will be hosting meetups throughout 2019. You can sign up to be a member and get notifications here:

These are just a few of the many ventures I introduced to you in 2018. So, tell me, when you reflect on this past year, what will you say about your life? Are you taking steps to improve the overall quality of your life while having fun and making sacred connections? I’m glad that I listened to my intuition each time, and took a shot. That’s where the magic happened. Let it happen for you, too!

My wish for you in 2019 is to experience that same magic, whatever form it takes for you. Don’t let fear hold you back. That’s where support is so important. Reach out to me if you’re interested in staying in touch, need some guidance or would like to be part of any of the groups mentioned above.

Remember, the more we can support one another; the more we live a life full of joy, abundance and hope.

Happy Holidays!

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