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Meet Me In Boston

You may be wondering what happened to me this year? Well, I've been busy recalibrating my brand and my business as well as finishing my next book Take Command of Your Total Health, A Woman's Guide to Fearless Aging, and my online coaching program Reboot Your Sexy. All of this is possible because I decided to invest in myself, to up level my business, and to serve others with my passion for self-care, eating healthy, and taking care of our body, especially as we age.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone, to CREATE a program that is going to help and serve so many women who are struggling with their weight, health, low self-esteem, relationships, self-doubt, and more. For those who choose to participate in this program, I can tell you this program IS GOING TO UPLEVEL YOUR LIFE!

I understand as we age, we're hit with so much contradicting information, we're more confused now than ever. If we gain weight, or our mood is low, or we have no energy or focus, we're told.... It's your age, or worse, it's Menopause! It's time to ditch this bullshit! How are we ever going to write our joyful life story that reflects what we truly desire if we accept the notion that we're done, we're through, we're old news? I know some of you are thinking, well that's true, we do gain weight, and sometimes we do feel low or have no energy. That's what I'll be addressing in this course.

I want you to take a deeper dive at your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others (boundaries) and to look at your beliefs, habits and unconscious behaviors, your food and lifestyle choices to unravel the hidden truth to why you may not be able to lose weight, or have the energy to do those things that you wish you could, or feel happy and content. This program is going to allow you to take a leap of faith into an unknown zone, but in a safe, non-judgmental way, to feel out the landscape to discover a new you, a new sexy you, and a new confident you.

This will be your MID-LIFE EMERGENCE! I'll be rolling out the book soon, and still working on the coaching program, and because I value your continued support, you will be the first to know when it is available.

Now, onto a special event I want to tell you about. Attending this event last year was a game changer for me. It is one of the best networking opportunities of the fall…

I’m being honored and wanted to personally make sure I extended an invite to you to not just attend the ceremony to honor me but to attend the whole event which I am sure will be a game changer for you! It is Be The Answer LIVE with my amazing coach, Nicole Roberts Jones.

In fact, she’s giving my private guests 50% off when you register (just use code at checkout: Fierce1)

Get your ticket here

I’d love to see you in Boston, and personally introduce you to Nicole and some game-changing women. This is a high-level networking event. It’s not rah rah event and there’s not 200 people on stage pitching.

It’s Nicole pouring into your business so you can have your breakthrough. Like I’d had.

With love and gratitude,

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