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My Personal Experience With Random Act of Kindness

Happy Holidays!

I want to wish you a wonderful holiday season, full of love, joy, peace and warmth. I would like to share a personal story with you, that reminds me that kindness is free, and one of the most precious gifts we can give and receive of one another.

I walked into a local Rite Aid, doing my last minute holiday shopping, etc. An older gentlemen walked up to me and said hello. I said hello back to him. Then he said, “You look nice today.” And I thanked him for the compliment and continued on with my shopping. In the back of my mind, I was wondering if this person was a little off, and maybe a bit challenged. Then he showed up again when I was checking out and handed me a bouquet of flowers, and said “These are for you.” I replied to him “Why?” and his comment was “I believe the word you want to use is ‘thank you.’ Of course, at that point I was ashamed I didn’t say thank you, and then realized he was just offering me something nice, with no string attached. Just showing kindness to another person. He then told the clerk at the register, that the elder woman behind me with a pretty full cart, that he will take care of her bill.

I was completely in disbelief. So of course, I wanted to get a photo of him with me and the flowers to have proof. After all of this excitement, he went on his merry way and left the store. I then asked the clerk “What is his story?” She proceeded to tell me that they call him “Doc.” He has a PhD from Harvard in psycology, has two dogs, and lost his wife eight years ago. He’s just grateful for his life, and shows love whenever he can. She replied “He does this often, and the woman who he paid for her cart, she just had brain surgery. She had a tumor removed in her brain, and he knew that, but she didn’t know he knew.”

This made me think of how much our soul uplifts when we are in the service of others and how when we give to others, we give to ourselves in return. Such a powerful gift and message.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer often spoke about how there are scientifically-proven health benefits to helping others—and that those positive effects extend beyond the person being helped. Both the person doing the helping and those who witness their act of kindness benefit, too.

As you contemplate those in your life who may need a little cheering up this holiday season, don’t underestimate the power of a simple kind gesture can be.

Happy Holidays and Peace, Joy, and Warmth to you!

Donna Markussen

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